Use A Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

American Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Wall mount kitchen faucet – In this faucet, usually tap taps are located under the sink on the wall. But if we decide to make a reform in our kitchen can be a good occasion to move these taps. Even up to a height of approximately 110-120cm (according to tastes). Such that allow us to install a built-in wall-mounted faucet. Its main advantage is that it frees the space between the wall and the sink, which can allow us to even install a larger one.

However, this product is more expensive than the usual bench top faucet. And it would also be necessary to add masonry and plumbing work to move the supply outlets, which would increase their cost. Aesthetically it is a very clean solution. Wall mount kitchen faucet is those taps that occur installed directly on a wall: in this case the water pipes emerge directly from the plant incorporated by wall.

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Usually very simple wall mount kitchen faucet is sold in one-piece with the exception of the bill that could be taken apart and screwed into the threaded hole. From the wall coming out the water pipes with threaded ends: to them must be screwed onto the tap by means of bolts that you find in your kit and making sure to apply the seals.

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