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Kitchen Decorating Themes Rustic

Kitchen Decorating Themes – The interior decoration of houses is an activity that requires previous time since it is necessary to plan not only the budget but the theme that we want to print in the space. On the other hand, the kitchen is a fluid transit area, so the decoration should be thought of. When mentioning Italy you cannot avoid thinking in warm colors like orange, red, yellow and even wood colors. To decorate the kitchen with an Italian themed then begins by relating it with nature, uses wooden furniture and warm lighting.

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The decor retro style kitchen decorating themes require some combinations of neutral colors with contrasting hues like orange, blue or green. It is also essential to use stainless steel details, appliances or accessories from the 50’s, this will transport you immediately. Apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries and even watermelons are the fruits that inspire most interior designers to start creating a themed cuisine. With the source of inspiration, you can choose colors (always have to do with nature) while they are very bright and comfortable spaces.

The decoration with fruit is a wise choice. The design of American kitchen decorating themes is characterized by being integrated into the dining room. Very often they are spacious and light colors are used in the decoration to enhance natural light, although they may have focal points or contrasting color touches such as red or black, for example.

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