Serving Breakfast With Tiered Serving Tray

Tiered Serving Trays Stainless

Tiered Serving Tray – As you see, this wooden tray is ideal for serving breakfast in bed, a snack on the terrace or a frugal pane on the sofa in front of the TV. To do it you only have to look for a piece of wood (in this case, it has been chosen from pine) and some wardrobe handles. A simple work of broaching that you can do in a short time with this step by step. Measure and mark with the pencil the holes to place the handles.

When you take action, you have to keep in mind that the handles should be centered. Once you have all four holes, screw the handles into the tiered serving tray and tighten them tightly to resist the weight. Measures and marks 4 legs (with a length of three fingers) of wood of the same length. Try to be as accurate as possible to keep the tray level. Use a saw to cut the four pieces.

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Turn the tiered serving tray over and attach all four legs to the four corners of the tray. Let them dry and sand a little over to soften the surface of the legs. Even if the sanded feet are thin, if you are going to use the tray on easily scratched surfaces or on delicate fabrics such as bedspreads or sheets, it is best to wear them with felt circles.

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