Replacing Faucet Mounting Nut

Faucet Mounting Nut Kitchen

Faucet mounting nut – If you update your kitchen faucet, install a new one. Installing a kitchen faucet does not require you to have a licensed plumber. Turn off the main water supply to the sink before you remove or install a kitchen faucet. This prevents possible flooding inside your home. Kitchen faucets are available in a variety of styles and colors.

Gather all the tools you need to remove the crane along with some penetrating oil before removing the old faucet. This prevents you from having to remove yourself from under the sink to get a tool or penetrating oil on a faucet mounting nut stuck. Remove the nuts securing the sprayer hose to the sink. Hook supply lines to the faucet and set them aside for later installation of the new crane. A basin wrench loosening and removing the mounting nuts. When the crane is removed, scrap sink top clean of old putty with a putty before installing a new faucet.

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Apply plumbers putty to the faucet or sink before installing the new faucet mounting nut. This creates a water-tight seal on the threads of plumbing fittings. As your faucet in place, to ensure that it is even. Have a helper hold the valve in position while you crawl under the sink to install it. This ensures when you are finished installing from the tap in the sink, your crane was not hooked, so you have to reinstall it.

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