Repair A Noisy Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Kitchen sink faucet can be due to poor design and construction, worn seat washer or a worn valve stem. You can either replace the entire faucet without performing troubleshooting or simply replace a few parts. Remove the faucet apart and check washer seat to see if it seems loose or worn. In that case, either replace or re-tighten the washer. Check the trunk by moving it up and down the faucet body. If it is, then it is time to find a replacement kitchen sink faucet.


Turn off the water supply at the shut-off valve under the faucet fixture. For extra security, turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve. Cover the decorative faucet parts with tape or a rag to keep from damaging the finish. Remove the cap center of the faucet handles (if it has one) with a knife blade. Unscrew the Phillips-head screw that secures the handle. Wiggle, pull or pry faucet handles of its broached stem. Remove the nut with a screwdriver to expose the rest of the tribe. Rotate the trunk to the location until it becomes free.

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Clean the faucet holes, and then the stem with a clean cloth and water. Check the stem and washer visible damage such as corrosion, grooves or crevices. Reinstall all parts (washer, stem, screws, handles, decorative cover) by reversing the order used to take the kitchen sink faucet apart. The spread Vaseline or some silicone grease on the stem threads to lubricate the crane movement or action. Turn on the water supply is below the luminaire and on the main water supply before the test tap for proper functioning.

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