Removing Kitchen Sink Strainer

Kitchen Sink Strainer Baskets

Kitchen sink strainer – If water leaks under the sink, the sink strainer leak. Plug up the sink and fill it with water will help you determine where the leak is coming from. If the cause of the leak is the sink strainer, it should be removed and replaced. It will take some tools to remove the kitchen sink strainer.


Set a bucket under the drain pipe. This will help collect any remaining water in the line when the sink strainer is detached from the drain. Remove grinding nut which secures the piece tailpipe to the sink trap, with a pair of channel lock pliers. Lift sink trap pipe. Loosen the slip nuts that attach the tailpiece to the sink strainer with channel lock pliers. Press tailpiece of the way.

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Insert the flathead screwdriver in the grooves of the locking nut that connects the kitchen sink strainer to the sink. Easy pound the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer to remove the nut. When the nut is free, pull it away with his hand. Crouch under the sink and gently tap on the sink strainer with the side of a hammer to remove it. Lift the sink strainer up through the sink opening. Scrape off any old putty from sink opening.

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