Pretty Decorate Glass Dishes With Paint

Glass Dishes Paint

Glass Dishes – We often think decorate plates of glass or porcelain once broken, cracked, or are unaesthetic, and do not think about recycling that we use at home right now. It is very important that you make sure that only things that work and are whole are in your home. Especially crockery, cutlery and glassware, whose breakages could endanger our health, we all have here and there some porcelain bowls somewhat chipped, at base or outside: you can recover them by brushing with synthetic enamels to prevent more fragments from coming off.

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Glass dishes are another matter. This material can be splintered into tiny particles that could then go into food they contain. Regularly analyze your glasses, glasses and dishes for damage, and set them aside. Everyone else, those who are healthy and in good condition, will be main elements of this simple work with which you will make your own personalized tableware.

Apply with decoupage adhesive on back, and apply cutouts of decorative paper to be glued by copying shape of your glass dishes. If papers were thick, you may need to make cutouts, or moisten them to become more malleable. When laying on adhesive, press with your hands in gentle drag movements to remove accumulations of glue and air that may have been trapped.

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