Modern Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas – Refacing your kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to update your home decor. Your options include Refacing veneer, sheet metal, acrylic panels and repainting or re-staining. You can complete most of these projects yourself with the right materials and a little sweat. Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas your cabinets with wood veneer is significantly less expensive than buying new cabinets – and you can do it yourself in a weekend. If the doors are flat, you can reface, but if they are raised the panel has any architectural features that will need to either sand and re-stain you already have or buy new doors.

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Some companies sell veneer strips and peel and stick sized to fit standard cabinets sections. Apply strong pressure to the plate to prevent rising up over time. Chapa regularly applied to kitchen cabinet refacing ideas with wood glue and finishing nails. Stain the plate in closets and doors to match.

Stainless steel, aged aluminum, copper and brass are among the options you have if you prefer the cold look of metal in your kitchen cabinet refacing ideas. You can buy metal doors covered cabinet specialty companies to meet their cabinets; reface the remaining parts with matching metal sheets. If you have flat doors, cover yourself with do-it-yourself metal sheets. For a custom look, keep your doors raised panels, flat sections cover the sheet metal and paint or stain the rest.

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