Making Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete Kitchen Countertops Design

Concrete kitchen countertops are beautiful, functional works of art that can be molded into any shape and dyed to match any design. Making concrete kitchen countertop requires a lot of planning before the concrete is mixed, and requires a lot of patience and work. But ultimately, it is a beautiful piece of art in your kitchen.


Measure each side of the countertop. Install cement boards overhead cabinets that form the base of the concrete kitchen countertop. Cut melamine plank size of each side of the bench who need formwork. Attach melamine planks to 2x pieces of wood and set at the height you want the countertop should be.

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Measure the overall length and width of the countertop. Cut the 3/8-inch rebar into pieces that are about 1/2 inch smaller than the overall length and width. Place the rebar inside the mold, place the rebar was 6 inches and around all of the perimeter edges to create a grid of rebar inside the mold. Tie the rebar together with cable ties so that they function as one piece. Lift the rebar so it is fluid and is located approximately in the middle of the concrete kitchen countertop. Tie rebars at this height with cable ties and screw to the side of the mold to hold it in place.

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