Kitchen Island With Drawers Ideas

Diy Kitchen Island With Drawers

Kitchen Island with drawers – Bench kitchen islands add extra space, storage space and extra preparation areas, but not every kitchen is blessed with a kitchen island. Make your own kitchen island by reallocating old drawers, and you can easily create a chic accessory kitchen with plenty of storage space. Levant cheap drawers in thrift stores or in local classifieds, and surely save more money transforming drawers if you bought a new kitchen island made.

Kitchen Island with drawers measures the top of her chest of drawers. The top of the kitchen island you choose should be around 2-3 wider on all sides of the top drawer inches. Purchase the top of the kitchen island of your choice. A granite stone or tiles manufactured is ideal if you want to use the kitchen island for food preparation, or butcher block whether to use the island as an additional cutting and surface preparation. Has the countertop or butcher block cut to size.

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Remove drawers and drawer hardware, and then paint the unit, including separate drawers to match the kitchen. Use an oil-based paint and apply two or three coats to ensure long lasting finish in the kitchen environment. Center the top requested on the kitchen island with drawers. If it is a butcher block, use wood glue to hold in place. If you use a stone or granite tile, ceramic adhesive will be sufficient to keep the worktop. Ensure a butcher block with screws driven from the bottom to the top of the drawer at the bottom of the block. Use screws enough to cross the chest of drawers and about a third of the way through the butcher block.

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