Installing IKEA Kitchen Cabinet

Amazing IKEA Kitchen Cabinet

IKEA kitchen cabinet – If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodel in an older home, you can install kitchen cabinets yourself on an old wall if you plan in advance. Unlike newer home, which typically have straight walls and level floors, older dwellings, due to sedimentation and older construction methods, often uneven floors, which can make your cabinets look uneven. But with a few tricks and a little know-how, you can get your cabinets installed and make them look as straight and plumb as those in the new house down the street.

Use a level or long ruler to draw a plumb line at the end of each of your cabinet will be run, if the end cabinet will not sit flush against the adjacent wall. Measure the height of the IKEA kitchen cabinet with a tape measure. Use a level to find the highest point of the floor.  Mark the location with a pencil. Use a level to draw a level line across the wall. Measure down from the ceiling to make sure the line appears to be level with the line of the roof also.

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Measure 18 inches from the line you created for the top of your IKEA kitchen cabinet. Mark it with a pencil. Draw a line that is straight and level with the first row over the wall. Make sure that it is also in line with the roof line. This line marks the bottom of your wall cabinets. Measure the length of the cabinet line.

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