Install White Subway Tile Kitchen

White Subway Tile Kitchen Ideas

White subway tile kitchen are a classic style of the early 20th century, which began in city subway and eventually spread to houses, especially bathroom. The ceramic tiles are standard, but they are rectangular, such as bricks and glazed are white. Hanging subway tile is the same as other ceramic tile, except the layout hanging is more complicated, if you want a staggered brick pattern instead of a grid.

To install white subway tile kitchen, Measure across the width of the wall with a tape measure and mark the center with a pencil. At that point, drawing a vertical line from top to bottom. Highlight a second vertically and parallel line three inches from the first line. Cover the bottom of the wall with thin set mortar, spreading it on with a notched trowel. The cement should start on the floor and are about a foot that relate to the horizontal line. You will be able to still see the lines through the mortar.

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Press the first tile into place below the horizontal line white subway tile kitchen, with the long side of the horizontal line and the short side covered with one of the two vertical lines. Press more tiles into place next to the first, to end below the horizontal line, put spacers between them as you go. Over the entire length of the wall, cutting the tiles end, if necessary, in a tile cutter tile.

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