Install Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Butcher Block Kitchen Table Style

Butcher block kitchen table – A large sheet of butcher block on your contact or an island gives you a place to chop veggies or preparing dinners. Even if you do not use your butcher block ┬átable as a cutting board, the wood’s warm, neutral palette coordinate with all the other surfaces in your kitchen. Installing a sink in your butcher block makes the surface so much more useful. A drop-in sink with a separate rimming edge will be the easiest to install. Follow a few simple tips for water tightness

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To install butcher block kitchen table, clean the area where you plan to install the sink with ammonia-based cleaner. Remove all grease and residue from the area. Wipe dry with a clean towel. Find the sink template inside the box that came with your sink. Trace around the template with a pencil.

Turn on the router and start your first cut 1 cm inside the pencil line. Cut out a large part of the center of the sink. Cut to the pencil mark and start cutting along the pencil line. Pour marine grade oil on a soft cloth. Rub the oil along the inside of the neckline. Allow the oil to soak into the wood. Place a caulk gun with construction adhesive. Displacing the adhesive along the edge of the sink. Drop in the sink hole of the butcher block kitchen table.

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