How To Install Kitchen Curtains And Valances

Modern Kitchen Curtains And Valances

How To Install Kitchen Curtains And Valances – Hanging a valance adds style to kitchen. A coat in a traditional home decor provides an attractive framework for a window. Valances hung on top of the window on a separate bar from the window curtains or blinds; curtain rod determines where to place the screen edges. A coat can cover the top of a curtain or blind, or free-standing above a window for a custom window treatment.

The first to install kitchen curtains and valances measure the window width using a tape measure. Divide the number in half to determine where in the middle of the window is and mark the wall over the window lightly with a pencil. Use the tape to find the center of valance rod by stretching it from beginning to end. Mark the center of the rod lightly with a pencil. Find the height of the decorative part that is above the rod casing, called the header. Some headlines are bigger than others, but there is little on the cloak, making the necessary adjustments. Measure to down from the ceiling or wall trim to the curtain rod. This gives you the highest point where the valance can be fitted. If there are no entries in your coat is not limited to the rod where it can be mounted.

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Install kitchen curtains and valances. Locate the position where you hang the valance rod by measuring about an inch above the curtain rod or the top of the blind. Do not go over the highest point you measured from the roof down. Place it over the window and decide what looks best for your room. Center the valance rod by matching the two pencil marks. Assemble the right side of the valance rod with the help of mounting clamps in the package and screw them in place. Place the rod netting on the upper level and adjust the rod up and down to indicate the level. Mark the spot on the left side and screw the clip in place. Insert the valance over the rod and push rod through the pocket to lock it in place.

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