Funky Retro Kitchen Table

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Retro kitchen table – Decorate your kitchen table with a funky vibe for themed party, or to supplement retro decor of the room. If you are a fan of decades earlier, can decorate your table as a way to compromise with others in your home that is not so fond of the bright, funky style. Choose items that fit in with your room and add a little style, but do not go overboard so some aspects of your furnishings get overlooked.

Kitchen table

Choose a retro kitchen table if you want to embrace the funky decor full time. Table with Formica tops and rounded corners with chrome around the edges, would fit in nicely. Choose chairs with red or black vinyl seats and chrome frames and legs. If you are decorating for a party, however, a simple cloth making. Pick a bright floral pattern, black and white check pattern, or red and white picnic style.

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Flower-shaped dishes in bright neon colors inspired dishes would look nice on the retro kitchen table. Plain white dishes can also be used, but add a light tissue paper flower or other colorful decorative objects on top of the plates. Pair your dishes with cutlery that has thick white or red handle. Find some old diner-style mustard and ketchup bottles. Use old sundae dishes or glass soda bottles as a center filled with wildflowers, sunflowers or daisies.

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