DIY Glass Backsplash Kitchen

New Glass Backsplash Kitchen

Glass backsplash kitchen – Glass tile backsplashes are used for kitchens. The glass backsplash kitchen tiles come in a full spectrum of colors and designs. A glass backsplash is an ideal way to add an accent to your room in a subtle way that evokes opulence. The tiles are protected on the front with paper backing to prevent damage before installation. The process is similar to the installation of a regular tile backsplash. However, because the tiles are glass, a little more care is required.

Measure the width of the wall where you intend to install the glass backsplash kitchen. Mark the center of the width with a pencil. Stick an even coat of thinnest over the wall with a notched trowel. Spread an even coat of thinnest on the back of each tile and press it firmly against the surface of the wall. Start at the bottom and work up to the top in rows.

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Wet the surface of the tiles with a damp sponge. Grout the joints between the tiles by dragging a grout float covered with glue on the wet tiled surface. Wash the surface of the tile with a wet sponge. Continue to wash the tiles until the sponge wring clean water. Caulk around the perimeter of using a caulk gun equipped with caulk tile glass backsplash kitchen. Smooth the caulk line with a finger if necessary.

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