Decorate Kitchen With Italian Dinnerware

Spode Blue Italian Lookbook 2017 Spring Tablescape Ideas In Italian Dinnerware Decorate Kitchen With Italian Dinnerware

Italian dinnerware – Take advantage of the empty space in the upper kitchen cabinet area by creating an attractive display. Teapots and flat collections are the perfect item to fit the space. You should only have to provide a solid foundation that raises item above any decorative moldings. Add a dramatic color and light to attract more attention to your collectibles Italian dinnerware.


Add drama to the viewing area by painting the wall behind the upper cabinet area a darker color than the rest of the kitchen. Go two or three shades darker in the primer. Lay rope light or white holiday light strings behind the screen to create soft lighting to enhance your collection day and night.

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Build up the base of the display area by adding wooden shelves boards or risers, if necessary. Many cabinets are decorative trim fastened above the cabinet top; to get a good picture of your collectibles, you must raise them over the edge. Place the plate easels at the back of the display shelf area. Align them with an even space between the plates. Place a plate on each easel.

Place a teapot front of each Italian dinnerware. If you cannot see all the plates from the floor view, move teapots so they sit between each plate. View the event from different areas of the kitchen and make adjustments as needed.

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