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Gold plated silverware – Gold plated silverware are among the most elegant cutlery are provided. Usually, with your fine china when you have guests over for a meal, this is the silverware that you expect to last a lifetime. When you care about gold-plated sterling silverware properly, you will retain their flawless and attractive features. The key is to know which ingredients to use for cleaning. And also know what ingredients should be avoided

To clean gold plated silverware, starting with fill the sink with half a liter of warm water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Then, dip cutlery in soapy water, a piece at a time, and scrub gently with a washcloth. After that, saturate the edge of a cloth with lemon juice and rub hard water stains or tough debris. Next, sprinkle powder of baking soda spots from heavy food buildup, and polish with a wet cloth. Repeat until all the residues.

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And the last, rinse each piece of silverware with warm water and dry with a fresh cloth. Tips and Warnings to clean gold plated silverware: Wash plated silverware after each use to prevent residues drying on the gilding. Do not use steel brushes, wire scouring pads or steel wool on silverware, since it will scrape the gilding.

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