Butcher Block Kitchen Islands Ideas

Cherry Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

Build your own butcher block kitchen islands may seem a difficult project, but can make it easier to reallocate some items rather than starting from scratch. By building the foundation of your old cabinets Island, you can save yourself the hassle of having to build their own framework. Once you have the basic structure of the whole island, you simply need to add the details you want as a bar table.

Select one or more cabinets for use as basis for your butcher block kitchen islands. If you want your table island and bar to be quite large, you may need to use two or three identical boxes. The height of cabinets you select should be approximately equal to the desired height of your kitchen island will be based on the island to form the bar table.

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Butcher block kitchen islands place the cabinets against each other so that the sides are flush and all cabinets are facing the same direction. Check cabinets that have chosen to be sound. Tighten loose screws with a screwdriver. Fit the cabinets together. Open cabinet doors and wood screws through the side wall of a cabinet panel on the side of the adjacent cabinet. Use wood screws 1/2 shorter than the combined width of the two side panels inch.

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